Our wholesale activities are: trading general and special pesticides, fertilizers and seeds. The company is purchasing, selling and transporting agricultural input materials. We are trying to satisfy our customer needs in every flexible way. We are working with most of the domestic and foreign chemicals companies. We are also trading with different seeds and horticultural plants. In order to satisfy our partners requirements, most of the fertilizers and plant conditioner are available in our stores and we are selling general and specialized fertilizers as well.
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Retail Farmmix is focusing on small horticultural fields and hobby gardeners as well. There are 9 farmer shops belonging to Farmmix where we provide pesticides, fertilizers and seeds in small packs. With our small packed products, every farmers and even hobby gardeners can find professional solutions. And also we have wide range of products for those who are interested in fishing and hunting. Moreover paints, gardening tools, small machines, irrigation systems and pieces of equipment also can be found on our shelfs.
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Packaging Plant

In our modern packaging factory in Szamosszeg, 12 lines are filling and packaging liquid and powder based pesticides. The capacity of the lines are between: 1 ml – 20 l, 1 g- 25 kg. Besides packing our own products, we can offer lease packaging as well.
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Our agricultural experts and plant protection specialists can offer professional crop protection solutions and answering your individual agricultural problems as well.

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Our company specified for transportation of hazardous goods all over the country. You can hire us for any kind of freight.

General Import

We are the exclusive distributor of the English Omex fertilizers and the French market leader algae based plant conditioner Agrocean 6.5.5.


Find what you need! Collect information and purchase simply and quickly in our web shop! You can find wide ranges of products: gardening tools and machines, sprayers, irrigation equipment, gardening equipment, flower boxes, plant pots, flower soils, fertilizers, seeds and wine-growing facilities.

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Our company fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system.

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