Our Group has long years of experience in the wholesale and retail trade of plant protection products, sowing seeds, lawn and garden products, as well as in the packaging of chemicals, sowing seeds and artificial fertilizers.


Wholesale trading of plant protection products, sowing seeds and fertilizers

Our company has been engaged in the wholesale trade of agricultural input materials (plant protection products, fertilizers and sowing seeds) for over 30 years. Our product range includes only products of excellent quality with well-proven active ingredients at competitive prices. Since 2004, we have built up our own portfolio, and therefore we can also offer independent technological recommendations in relation to the key horticultural and farming crops that can be grown in Hungary.

Wholesale trading of miscellaneous industrial goods

Since 2018, our Group has also been active in the wholesale trade of miscellaneous industrial goods. Our partners encounter a broad-ranging product portfolio, seasonal sales campaigns and novelties from time to time. We provide fast and flexible deliveries, as well as excellent service supply to all our customers. Consider becoming our partner, reach out to us at any of our contacts or order at our webshop!


At our packaging plant in Szamosszeg, we rely on state-of-the-art machinery to package our own products (plant protection agents, fertilizers). We also undertake contract packaging at our plant, we currently pack plant protection products and fertilizers for several multinational companies for both the Hungarian and European markets! Our packaging plant has as many as 12 production lines for packaging liquid and powder-based chemicals. The capacities of the production lines range from 1 ml to 20 l, 1 g to 25 kg.

Agricultural stores

Our company operates 9 agricultural stores east of River Danube, where we provide plant protection products, fertilizers, field and horticultural sowing seeds and other accessories that are essential for farming, garden maintenance and care by small farmers, hobby gardeners or even those with small gardens/balcony gardens. With reliance on our small-scale products found at our agricultural stores, small farmers and even hobby gardeners can find the professional products that are important for them. Our broad portfolio encompasses products – among others – related to irrigation technology, small machines, garden equipment and hand tools, household accessories, paints, while we have not forgotten of fishing and hunting enthusiasts.

Online store

Our website awaits our kind visitors with a wide selection of products. One can find all the is necessary for successful gardening: garden equipment and machines, hand and backpack sprayers, pumps, garden accessories, balcony boxes, pots, artificial fertilizers, biostimulators and much more. Visit our online store and equip your garden with us!

Professional consultation services

Our specialized engineers and plant doctors do not simply provide technological recommendations to our partners, but are also readily available for questions related to plant protection or general plant cultivation. We incorporate the latest theoretical and practical knowledge into our recommendations. We handle all the unique needs that we face in a flexible manner.


Independent soil testing laboratory featuring state-of-the-art equipment. Narrowed and expanded soil testing quickly and precisely.

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